Hunters 4 Iowa was formed to promote the preservation and restoration of natural resources, habitat and to also promote our hunting heritage in the State of Iowa.

We believe that all hunters, sportsmen and sportswomen should have a voice in issues concerning habitat and hunting related issues in Iowa.We believe as conservationists and hunters, "we are all in this together" and should come together as a united group,working as a group to promote,preserve and restore Iowa's natural resources and promote and preserve our hunting heritage for future generations.

Just about every hunter out there has a special person in their life.  Mine happens to be my wife Georganne.  Georganne is one of those hunters that has everything an outdoors lady could want.  Rifles and shotguns – check.  Endless supply of camouflage – check.  Hunting dog that adores her – check.

It’s great to see her so happy, but it has made finding her a gift a real chore.  I’m not exactly the kind of person that likes to go to the mall or do much shopping.  I’m perfectly happy to drive Cabela’s to look for something, but I’m about out of things to get her that she would actually use.  I’m not looking for a hunting blind equipped with GPS and the latest satellite connections.  I want something that will get some use and that she will really like.  There’s the rub.  I can find plenty of neat gadgets for the modern hunter, but I don’t think she’ll use them and I’m confident she won’t really like them.

This year I came across a pretty good discovery.  I guess I should begin by telling you my wife has her concealed carry license.  She considers it a right and feels safer knowing that she can protect herself if need be.  She has a few different holsters, but she tells me they’re inconvenient or she doesn’t like the way they fit.  And here is exactly where my new gift idea came in.

A buddy of mine got his wife a nice looking purse from a place that specializes in concealed carry purses for women.  Easy enough to remember, it’s called  I went on the site and found a good number of what I thought my wife would consider cute purses.  It took me about 15 minutes to realize I was in over my head.

After getting my daughter to help me narrow down the decisions to this page.  I picked one I thought matched the style of my wife.  I made the order on a Friday and had the purse in hand the next week. Now there aren’t many things that make me nervous, but I’m a man that believes a happy wife equals a happy life.

She loved it!  It was the best response from a gift I’ve given her in nearly five years.  I couldn’t be happier.  I know this story is a bit off the normal path for a hunting resource blog, but shooter are shooters.  I figured there may be a few guys out there that this helps out and a few ladies that may find something the like.

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